Lead Reviewer and Developer

Alexandre Ribeiro

Alexandre's support was key to keep me moving forward. His exceptional attention to detail and thorough work are most valuables assets. Also, his expertise in Excel and unending patience makes my job way easier...and the game a lot better. (I'm sure he will review this page!)


Joao Pessoa

Joao was the first tester and he fleshed out the historical details for the Greek Battles scenario.

On the current days, he was kidnapped by WOW, thus with very little time to dedicate to this project. But always with outstanding contributions.

Beta Testers

My personal thanks to this valuable individuals that were key to find the best path for fun and, at the same time, were part of the quality assurance team.

Alexandre Ribeiro

João Pessoa

Mauro Aquino

Jorge Aguilar

Tomas Ribeiro

Rodrigo Maia

Ricardo Miranda

Marcio Nascimento

Listed in no particular order. Not all beta players are listed here, only the ones that gave me their express agreement and were engaged in the earlier days.