Battle for Arzhog

A one on one duel between Thanes and Warbosses. Twainek (Dwarves) and Frusodian (Orcs) clash against each other in this scenario.

Be aware: the setup is unique to each game, based on player's customization.

If the Judge notices any conflicts in the setup, it will randomly change both setups to solve the conflict. The most likely case is when both nations choose to place a city at the same hex. Both will be moved to a random hex.

Custom rule: No city can be placed within 2 hexes from the bottleneck ruins in any direction.

This scenario is currently not being offered.

Key features

  • Two-player game
  • Setup is defined by players
  • Orders are given to PCs only
  • 20 chars to each nation that can be named from the start.
  • Wizards cannot locate lost magic items. Each turn, the librarian will inform the location of one to both sides.

Sample Map

Battle for Arzhog