GoT Grudge 6x6 or 3x3x3x3

To discuss options on the veteran's grudge game.

Points to discuss and decide:

A) 6x6 nation split

Team 1 - Stark, Lannister + Tully, Targaryen , King + Baratheon

Team 2 - NW, Tyrell + Greyjoy, Free Cities, Martell + Arryn

B) 3x3x3x3 nation split

1 - NW, Baratheon, Tully

2 - Stark, Lannister, King`s court

3 - Targaryen, Arryn, Tyrell

4 - FC, Martell, Greyjoy

C) Changes to original setup

D) Changes to naval mechanics

E) NW with hire armies for free

F) Team victory conditions

G) How to pick nations. Players send preferences or all random.

Decisions made:

-Wildlings will be Aggressive AI (non recrutable chars)

-Group defines nation split before nations being chosen.