We have a Player Reference Sheet that focuses on the mechanics, but is lacking on strategy advice. This is an expansion on that one.

From his comments and some from other players, it is true that the game could benefit from some sort of strategy guide for beginners that could frame the game a little bit with hints such as:

  • Basic concept of the game
  • How to handle economy
  • How to develop characters
  • Diplomacy hints
  • Possible game strategies

Make sure you read the rules, in particular all milestones.

Most common issues while running the Counselor for the first time:

-Not unzipping the Counselor to a folder or not unzipping the lib/* folder.

Will lead to a "java virtual machine error"

Solution: unzip everything into a regular folder

-Memory error when re-opening multiple turns (for big files, such as GoT) with the same instance of the Counselor

Memory handling parameters not set by the bat.

Solution: use the bat to run the Counselor

Workaround: close the counselor and re-open for a new results file

-The Counselor.bat is not launching the Counselor

Java is not in the PATH for windows. Some people don't perform the default install

Solution: add java/bin to PATH or edit the bat to

Workaround: double click counselor.jar as it should work with most java installations

-Very few people don't have java installed

Solution: install java

From Dani's learnings:

- You should create camps.

- You should reach 30 PC.

- You should increase Taxes.

- You should sell to the market.

- You should have 6 or 7 PC at the capital to do all the actions needed.

- You should cast two spells of resources with wizards.

There are options like Leaders, resources management, diplomatic scouting actions, etc, that i believe are not necesary on the first 4 or 5 turns unless somebody with more experience rushes towards you, so u have like one month to ask it on the groups or to experienced players, as I did... and I recognize I made a lot of questions :P

A GoT map for easy reference:

Map with nations...

From Pere's suggestion:

- if you don't name chars, sell resources, build some camps and, the MOST important one: make diplomatic attempts with - at least - your neighbors, you have the 90% of the game lost.