• These are the available scenarios. There are a few more baking in the oven right now...

Game of Thrones - Westeros (8-20 players)

Greek Battles - 4 players

Greek Battles - 8 players

Batlle for Arzhog - 2 players

War of Dwarves and Orcs (8-20 players)

  • Here are the general rules. If you are new to Clash of Legends, start here.


  • Rules and mechanics differences between scenarios


  • Scenarios in development. You can see the map, but some work is still required before you can play

Explore the continent (Random maps) - variable players

Battle for Middle Earth - 16 players

Succession Wars - 12 players

Anything you suggest!

  • Other scenarios we plan to create in the future:

Age of Pirates

Lord of Midnight


Feudal Japan around the battle of Sekigahara

Arturian England

Dragonlance - Ansalon

Space race - Could be Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune or similar...