World Championship

For the first ever Clash of Legends world team championship.

The scenario we choose for the first Clash of Legends world championship is the Game of Thrones for 08 players with reduced map and startup packages.

Team Blue

Team Red



Riverland and the Vale






Signup instructions will be sent on Oct 7th and games' first turn sent on Oct 14th.

You can register your team with 2 to 4 players. Players cannot play in more than one team. No players substitutions after the championship starts.

We have 22 teams. The first round will be a straight up elimination match (match = 2 simultaneous games) to reduce the teams to 16. 11 winners will move to the round of 16 with 5 wildcard teams.

Wildcard teams may move forward to complete 16 teams. Wildcard teams will be selected on how points they had adding up the points of all turns.


To go around any unbalance between sides, for each match all teams play two games having blue side and red side respectively in each game. The winner of the match is considered the team that won both games. If a tie, then the team that won in the least amount of rounds. If both games went to 40 rounds, then the team with the highest combined score.

Both games of a match will run in parallel. Each game will have a 8 days deadline, thus each team will play one turn every four days.

The games will be developed up to 40 turns being the deadline every 4 days until the semi finals.

Semi finals and finals will be Thursday weekly games with 50 turns.

All World Championship games will have a deadline one hour later than regular games. To avoid delays on both regular and championship games due volume.

The games will have the additional requirements to win, on top of all existing victory conditions.

A team wins if it can:

  • Cause the fall of two of the enemy team’s original capitals (anything that causes the capital to transfer to another city counts: capture, raze, ultimatum, transfer following Reduce Enemy City’s Loyalty or any loss of loyalty causing the capital to drop below a Burgh)
  • Have the triple of big cities than the enemy.
  • Have the triple points than the enemy.
  • Highest number of accumulated points in all turns if game ends by turn limit.

A few house rules:

  • Players can be of any rank.
  • Nations can be transferred to a team mate but not to a non starting player.
  • A player can control up to two nations in the same game.
  • A player can only participate in one team for the duration of the championship.
  • All games will have hidden players so one team doesn't know which nations the other team got but team communication is obviously allowed.
  • Regular sign up to select teams and nations in each match.
  • Whenever points are to be used in the rules, always consider it to be the accumulated points in all turns.
  • No games will be run between December 20th and January 8th. (exceptions can be made at the request of both teams)

Matches will be assigned randomly. If there's an odd number of teams, the team with most combined points (according to hall of fame) will pass thru into the next round.

There will be prizes.

Anyone that lasts 20 turns on the first round will receive an extra 5k gold in the next non world championship game.

All players lasting more than 20 turns on semi finals will receive an extra starting 10k gold in the next non world championship game.

All players lasting more than 20 turns on the finals will receive an extra random magic item in the next non world championship game.

All players from the winning team with active nations at the end of game will receive a random 30 point nation startup package in the next game with starting packages.

If the the winning team plays the next championship with the same players, each will start with an extra magic item in the first round of the next championship.

If you want to sign up as a team, send an email to the GM Team and CC your team. Don't forget to select a cool team name!

Sign up instructions:

Captains will make sure all their players are ready and signed up. Games will start on time. Any team that doesn’t have a minimum of two players signed up by the time Judge goes to create the turns will be disqualified and the opposing team will be moved into the next round without playing.

Each team must organize who plays with each nation before sign up.

Players sign up as usual, in the game with their team's name.

Players sign up selecting the nation they want to play from the side (blue-red) they are defined for the game. If a player is controlling two nations, then those two nations, and only those two nations, must be above the “Any Nation” option.

Failing to select the nation as defined by these rules will set the player selection to any nation. There will be no nation transfers or substitutions once the initial turns are sent. Make sure your selections are done properly on the website.

Any players that sign up in more than one team will be kicked out of the championship. Needless to say, no forms of cheating, hacking or offenses will be tolerated.

Captains will make sure all team members know the rules.

First round matches:

May the Stranger favor you team and the mother have mercy of your enemies. (because you shall not!)